Continuous Vulnerability Management

Around-the-Clock Defense

QuantaSi offers continuous vulnerability monitoring — 24/7/365 — to help organizations keep their systems and data safe. This type of monitoring identifies risks in real time, helping us to pinpoint potential security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Protect Your Operation

By continuously monitoring your systems, we can quickly identify and fix any security issues that arise, as well as reduce the possibility of future attacks.

Continuous vulnerability monitoring also helps to improve your overall security posture by providing visibility into your system’s weaknesses. As a result, you can make more informed decisions about how to best protect your data and resources.

An essential part of any organization’s security strategy, vulnerability monitoring helps to protect your data and ensures your systems are always running smoothly.

QuantaSi has the expertise and resources to provide continuous vulnerability monitoring and help you keep your systems secure.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive security solution, continuous vulnerability monitoring is an essential piece of the puzzle. Contact QuantaSi today to learn more about how continuous vulnerability monitoring can benefit your organization!

• Ad Hoc, Monthly & Quarterly Scans
• Full-Environment Protection of All Assets
• Automated Detection of All Internal & External Risks
• Vulnerabilities & Patches
• Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Management and Threat Assessment Solutions

Frontline Vunlnerability Manager (Frontline VMTM)

This Saas vulnerability management solution is backed by top-of-the-line customer support. With proprietary scanning technology and the ability to scale, Frontline VM performs in-depth network security assessments. Get straightforward, on- demand scanning, analysis and reports, including a variety of organized filtering capabilities. All of these options help prioritize, track, and manage actionable results and accelerate time to remediation. An on-premise version is coming soon.


Get insight into your web application’s cybersecurity strength. This web application scanner gives you the ability to prioritize a list of vulnerabilities and get a list of technical recommendations.


Quickly, accurately and reliably analyze your security assets for active threats. Active Threat Sweep reduces the delay in detection time and

Penetration Testing Software and Services

Core Impact Penetration Testing Software

A powerful penetration testing tool, Core Impact safely allows your organization to test its security environment with the same tactics as a cyberattacker. Run advanced pen tests with guided automations, certified exploits, and multi-vector capabilities for testing. It has a centralized toolset, so security teams can discover, test, and report efficiently all in one tool.

By pairing Core Impact with Frontline VM, organizations can create layered offensive security measures that identify and validate vulnerabilities and their successful remediation.

Digital Defense Penetration Testing Services

Frontline Pen Testing services offer our experienced team of ethical hackers to test your network and application security. Offering Internal and External Network penetration testing services, our team actively exploits vulnerabilities with real- world attack techniques to gauge the security of your business critical assets.

Adversary Simulation

Cobalt Strike is a powerful red teaming tool that provides a post-exploitation agent and covert channels ideal for Adversary Simulations and Red Team exercises, replicating the tactics and techniques of an advanced adversary in a network.

*Due to the nature of the product, we complete a thorough vetting process of all prospective users.

Application Security Testing


beSTORM is a dynamic application security testing (DAST) tool with a Black Box Fuzzer that meets industry compliance and regulations for testing code security. This cloud-based DAST tool assesses over 250+ prebuilt protocol modules and hardware for weaknesses, in realtime, without the need for source code. 


A fast, accurate static application security testing (SAST) tool that gives your organization ongoing security testing and quality security code assessment without compiling or execution. BeSOURCE integrates SecOps into DevOps, which streamlines security testing solutions into the CI/CD function and then can be tested from all angles. 

• Frontline VM

Frontline VM is a SaaS vulnerability and threat management solution built to strengthen and streamline effective vulnerability detection, prioritization, tracking and management. Using proprietary scanning technology, Frontline VM performs comprehensive security assessments and provides security teams with an easy to use, highly accurate solution that optimizes resources and paves the way for faster, focused remediation.

Key Features

• Security GPA® metric — Intuitive, risk-based security metric that easily demonstrates overall security posture.

• Frontline Threat Landscape™ — Combines threat intelligence and machine learning to identify weaponized vulnerabilities that carry the highest risk of exposure for easy prioritization and faster time to remediation.

• Frontline Connect™ — Seamless Integration capabilities. Can easily open API and extend existing security offerings to build or support integrations to and from the platform.

• Frontline Network Map™ — Interactive map showing interconnectivity of assets.

• Frontline Agent™ — Complements agentless scanning with agent-based scanning for remote or occasionally connected assets.

• Active View Dashboard — Centralized dashboard that tracks, monitors, and reports on remediation activity and progress.

• Simple Reporting — Intuitive, user-friendly, robust reporting including peer comparison by vertical, business size or revenue.

Solution-Use Cases

• Monitor and maintain security during digital transformation

• Secure PI and PHI, meet compliance regulations including HIPAA, PCI, American Bar Association, FFIEC and more.

• Used to reduce risk of cyber attack, exhibit security and improve client trust for growing businesses

Common Problems We Solve

• The need to secure growing, complex networks

• Dynamic assets that need to be discovered, reconciled and secured

• Increased cyber threats and attacks

• Increased compliances demands



Penetration testing software to safely uncover and exploit security weaknesses

Simple enough for your first test, powerful enough for the rest, Core Impact’s Rapid Penetration Tests (RPTs) are intuitive wizards that enable testers to swiftly conduct penetration tests. Users can efficiently execute common tasks, saving time while providing a consistent, repeatable process for their testing infrastructure. Additionally, Core Impact allows you to quickly re-test exploited systems to verify that remediation measures or compensating controls are effective and working.


• Intuitive automation for deploying advanced level tests
• Extensive and reliable library of certified exploits
• Multi-vector testing capabilities
• Teaming capabilities in a collaborative workspace
• Tailored reporting to build remediation plans
• Powerful integrations with other pen testing tools and more than 20 vulnerability scanners
• Robust safety features, including fully encrypted, self-destructing agents


• Operating Systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac
• Cloud (Public, Private, Hybrid)
• Databases
• Web Services
• Network Appliances
• Software Applications
• Your Critical Data


Core Impact offers diverse testing functionality in order to provide thorough coverage and security insight so organizations know who, how and what is vulnerable in their IT environments.

Proving Compliance with Industry Regulations 

Multiple regulations require organizations have regular assessments of their security infrastructure to ensure sensitive data is properly protected. Core Impact provides an easy-to-follow and established automated framework that can support industry requirements and standards, including PCI-DSS, CMMC, GDPR and NIST.

For example, the NIST reports map alignment with both the MITRE ATT&CK framework and NIST’s catalog of security and privacy controls.

Additionally, Core Impact’s reporting capabilities can help prove adherence to regulations during internal or external audits. Conduct Network and Web Application Tests Accurately identify and target internal information systems for network penetration testing.

Core Impact can help exploit vulnerabilities in critical networks, systems, hosts and devices by imitating an attacker’s methods of access and manipulating data, as well as testing defensive technologies’ ability to stop attacks. Run web application penetration tests to find weaknesses through detailed web crawling, pivoting attacks to web servers, associated databases, and backend networks to confirm exploitability. 

Conducting Phishing Simulations for Increased Security Awareness 

• Easily deploy phishing campaigns for client-side social engineering tests to discover which users are susceptible and what credentials can be harvested.

• Use the step-by-step process to create emails, select targets, and choose between browser redirects or web page clones.

• Challenge users with more sophisticated, tailored spearphishing emails that are harder to identify as fake.

• Actual emails can be imported from mail clients to increase the authenticity of the attack.