Unparalleled Personal Support

At QuantaSi, we understand providing support is about more than just being there when things go wrong. It’s about being a partner that you can rely on — 24/7/365.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of support services, designed to keep your business up and running no matter what. From network monitoring and expedited incident response to patch management and compliance assistance, we’ve got you covered.

How often does your current provider meet with you?

QuantaSi technicians are committed to routine evaluations and communications regarding your business’ infrastructure, available for quarterly, monthly or weekly assessments.

Clients choose QuantaSi for our unparalleled personal support. Our team of human (an important distinguishing detail these days) security experts are always available to provide assistance and advice, so you can rest assured your business is in safe hands.


We will meet with key stakeholders to review your business plans and ensure your IT Infrastructure will meet your currnet and future needs. We will cover the following key objectives.


We will help coordinate and manage your IT vendors while documenting all your systems and licenses.


No more having to count devices every year! Our software will automatically detect all assets connected to your network and produce an annual report for you.


Helps you budget your IT costs over the next 3-5 years.


We meet quarterly to review your business initiative and plans.

What Our Clients Say

"QSI has been a great partner to our organization; very responsive in critical situations, takes the time to explain things in detail, and looks ahead and alerts us to potential down stream issues on projects and offers potential solutions for us to consider beforehand. Additionally, the team is personable and easy to work with."

-David S., Global Access Point

"QuantaSi has been a fantastic partner in working with our company (Steel Warehouse) in a very complex domain migration projects. Their staff was extremely knowledgeable and responsive and were able to pivot when we hit roadblocks along the way. Highly recommend!"

-Eliezer W., Steel Warehouse

"QuantaSi helped us through the complex design and implementation of our digital computing infrastructure. Their knowledge has helped scale our company while implementing the best cybersecurity principles. They are world-class experts and build technology to last."

-Nate M., CEO, Consensus Networks

"We recently worked with QuantaSi to perform an in-depth network audit/review and the results far exceeded expectations. The information they provided was highly detailed and will be very beneficial to us moving forward. Working with QuantaSi was a pleasurable experience, and I look forward to working with the team in the future."

-Ian H., Chase Plastics

"I recently opened an Accounting Firm and the guys did amazing making sure I was set up timely and efficiently. Highly recommend!"

-Angela R., Star Accounting

"Back in 2021, we upgraded to fiber throughout the fairgrounds. At the time, we had a alternate company doing our IT maintenance and upkeep. A company named EnFocus helped us get everything set up and partnered us with QuantaSi to manage the health and maintenance of the devices. I was very impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and sense of urgency when we had a problem. Over the next two years they helped us troubleshoot problems and worked out all of the kinks of our new network. In May of 2022, our contract with the other company was up. I spoke to Nick Hahaj from QuantaSi about taking over all of our IT needs. They have done an amazing job helping us upgrade obsolete equipment to make our network more efficient. I would recommend QuantaSi to anyone in need of their services. "

-Jeremy B., St Joe County Fair

"I own and operate a boutique HR Consulting firm. I need an MSP to help with all aspects of my IT and Cyber Security. As you can imagine - in HR we have access to a lot of data that needs to be protected to the highest level. We have been with them for about 6 weeks now and I cannot recommend them enough. They have made the transition from my previous MSP so seamless! Any questions or issues are resolved very fast. I knew I had a knowledge gap around Cyber Security and Nick has gone above and beyond to teach me and support me with building the necessary policies so we are mitigating as much risk as possible. This part of my business has kept me up at night over the last year. I am so thankful I found QSI. They seem to have all the bases covered and I feel so much more at ease that we are doing all we can to protect ourselves and our client's data. If you own a business and feel that IT and/or cybersecurity is a concern - you should call Nick and his team right away. They offer a great service and even better support!"

-Emiley P, HR Consulting Firm

"QuantaSi has been an extremely effective partner in supporting technology requirements across a broad spectrum of both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. I highly recommend their services and support."

-Mike B.



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