Monitoring as a Service

Stop fighting fires

For most businesses, infrastructure is the backbone of operations. Nearly all aspects of operations, from customer service, payroll and efficiencies to product development, hinge on a fortified infrastructure.

Entrust QuantaSi to tackle monitoring — and mundane tasks — while safeguarding your business against future risks.

QuantaSi’s AI-driven monitoring proactively observes aspects of infrastructure, helping to achieve optimization and identify potential issues before they arise. Expensive performance bottlenecks are identified early, so customer experience is improved while computational requirements and operations expenses are reduced.

Our use of LogicMonitor gives clarity across hybrid IT to meet key business demands and solve problems across infrastructure, applications and business services.

Stop fighting fires and focus more on your business, with QuantaSi monitoring: 

• Capacity
• Future Trends
• Best-Practice Alerting
• Physical/Virtual 
• Infrastructure
• Cloud Apps
• Synthetic Apps
• Disk Memory
• Event Logs

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