From sophisticated cyberattacks to the devastating consequences of data breaches, digital risks are everywhere. This evolving threat landscape has led to a surge in the demand for the cyber liability insurance, a safeguard that’s become as crucial as the locks on your front door.

But just as insurers expect you to have those locks, it’s becoming more common for IT service providers and insurers to set several requirements for businesses to obtain coverage

Here’s where QuantaSi steps in — your proactive partner in managed security services.

Read on to learn how our services can help businesses meet these requirements, offering peace of mind and 24/7 protection.

Understanding Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance is designed to shield businesses from the financial losses associated with cyber-related security breaches or similar incidents. However, obtaining this insurance is not as straightforward as signing a check. Insurers often require a demonstrated commitment to cybersecurity best practices. This commitment is not just about having the right tools; it’s about integrating those tools into a comprehensive security posture to combat routinely evolving risks.

The Trends We’re Seeing

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Most insurers expect businesses to secure all remote access points. In many cases, MFA on VPNs, databases and other remote tools is no longer optional; it’s becoming mandatory.

Password Management
Simple passwords are the weakest links in security chains. A sophisticated password manager is now a must-have.

Vulnerability Management
It’s not enough to identify vulnerabilities. Businesses must also have clean remediation protocols with strict timeframes.

Advanced Endpoint Protection
Some insurers are requiring businesses to move beyond traditional antivirus solutions to comprehensive, managed protection services. QuantaSi helps clients meet the demand, offering proactive and managed threat hunting, detection and response.

Written Information Security Policies (WISP)
A Written Information Security Policy is a blueprint for your security strategy, including acceptable use, password and confidentiality policies and vulnerability management protocols.

Security Awareness Training
Human error can undermine even the strongest defenses. Regular, formal training for your team is critical and often required for policies.

Email Protections
Given that many breaches are due to compromised emails, robust email security measures are indispensable.

We encourage businesses to begin preparations at least 90 days before their policy renewal date, collaborating with a qualified partner such as QuantaSi to review needs and ensure their technical requirements are met.

QuantaSi — Your Shield in the Digital World

At QuataSi, we specialize in turning these growing requirements into your competitive advantage. Here’s how our suite of managed security services aligns with the current trends:

Continuous Vulnerability Management

Our services don’t just identify risks; we guide you through the remediation process within the expected timeframes.

Email Security and Protection
We implement sophisticated email protections to shield your business from phishing, malware and other email-based threats.

Identity Breach Monitoring
Should the worst occur, our monitoring services rapidly detect breaches, minimizing damage and expediting response.

Layered Network Security
Our approach to network security is comprehensive, ensuring each layer of your network is fortified against cyber threats.

Written IT and Security Policies
We help you draft and implement robust IT and security policies that meet the stringent standards of insurers.

Security Awareness Training
Our training programs are designed to elevate your team’s security awareness, helping to mitigate human error.

Preparing for Tomorrow, Today

The path to resilience is ongoing. With QuantaSi, your business isn’t merely buying a service; it’s investing in a partnership that ensures you stay ahead of cybersecurity trends and in line with the expectations of cyber liability insurance providers.

If your policy renewal is on the horizon, now is the time to act and partner with QuantaSi to review your cybersecurity policies and practices. Together, we’ll ensure you meet — and exceed — the technical coverage required for comprehensive protection.

Be prepared, be protected, be proactive — with QuantaSi.